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Software Enterprise subject of NSF CCLI Phase I award

We are well into our 2nd year of a 3-year NSF Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) Phase I award for "The Software Enterprise: A Reinforcing Pedagogical Model for Software Engineering". In the first year we cataloged our curricular modules, and in the 2nd year we will scrub and package them for dissemination. We researched better ways to evaluate learning outcomes, and designed our longitudinal assessment. 

Software Enterprise Projects 2009-2010

We would like to thank our Academic Year 2009-10 Software Enterprise project sponsors: PayPal of Scottsdale, The Simon Chatfield Group of Gilbert, OpenRain Inc. of Chandler, Unicon Inc. of Gilbert, , Kitelines (Phoenix startup), ASU's College of Technology and Innovation, and ASU's University Office of Evaluation (UOEEE). Tradeshow Day is planned for Friday April 30th in the morning, please plan on coming by to see the Enterprise projects plus dozens of others from our talented graduating students at ASU at the Polytechnic Campus!!!

The Watch Tree goes live!

Fall 2009 Enterprise projects solicitation

I am looking for approximately 6-7 Software Enterprise project sponsors for the upcoming year. I ask project sponsors for ideas that are early stage, but have a clear product roadmap. That is, projects that are not too research oriented, but also are not so well-defined that they do not require requirements elicitation skills. The rule of thumb is whether it can be adequately described in a single paragraph. I can help with project scope if you want to email or call.

Fall 2008 Software Enterprise Projects

We invite you to the Fall 2008 Tradeshow Day, an event where graduating graduate students and senior Software Enterprise Capstone project students present their projects. This semester we have several interesting projects, including 5 networking/wireless projects, 2 handheld/cellphone projects, 2 visualization projects, and a half-dozen web-based applications.

Fall 2007 Software Enterprise Projects

The beginning of the Fall semester is less than 3 weeks away, and so Harry Koehnemann and I have begun our ramp-up for this year's Software Enterprise projects. As you are probably familiar with by now, our Software Enterprise is a 4-course (2-year) sequence in which students participate in scalable software projects exercising best practices in software engineering.

Project Proposals for 2007-2008 Academic Year

I am writing to solicit industry projects for the Software Enterprise. Our sequence supports 1-year projects each academic year. Suitable projects are those at the "vision stage"; the purpose of the Fall semester is for student teams to work as business analysts to elicit, document, manage, and realize requirements. If you have projects that are at the idea stage yet not on your critical path, these would be ideal for the Software Enterprise. Proof-of-concept projects are welcome, and successful projects may be candidates for further maturation in the new ATIC concept Dr.

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