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The Software Enterprise is currently in its 11th year. With support from the National Science Foundation, State Farm Foundation, Kaufmann Foundation, IBM, iRise, Scrumwise, and ABOR, the Enterprise has engaged a variety of industry sponsors on over 70 student software engineering team projects. The Software Enterprise senior and first-year graduate experience is part of ASU's Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering eProjects, which was recognized by an ASU President's Innovation Award Spring 2012. The Software Enterprise is the implementation of the professional spine in the Bachelor's of Software Engineering, with Enterprise project courses running from the sophomore year to the first-year graduate experience.

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Software engineer ranks as one of the fastest growing occupations1 with the highest median salary2. Unfortunately, many employers consider new graduates unproductive, while at the same time those graduates feel unprepared for that first job. Traditional computer science education is criticized as outdated, too theoretical, and too fractured.

As educators, we should do a better job preparing new graduates for what lies ahead. We should expose students to the true nature of today’s computing challenges, strive to ground students in fundamental theory, and provide them the modern tools a modern discipline requires.

The Software Enterprise at ASU’s Polytechnic Campus uses a project spine experience as a multi-year instructional vehicle exposing students to methods and tools prevalent in today’s software practice. This website is dedicated to supporting a community of educators sharing the same beliefs and approach to Software Engineering Education. It provides free resources to anyone teaching in this area, and hopes to foster a community of teaching practitioners in software engineering.


1. Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth projections, 2004-2014.

2. “What some fastest-growing jobs pay”, CNN Money, 1/26/06


Thanks to these sponsors!!!

The Software Enterprise past and present support includes NSF CCLI Phase I grant (0837456), plus grants from the State Farm Good Neighbor Foundation, IBM Jazz Foundation, Kaufmann Pathways to Entrepreneurship Grant at ASU, and an Arizona Board of Regents Grant PI: Kevin Gary Associate Professor, School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, ASU. Assistant Professors Srividya Bansal and Arbi Ghazarian teach and contribute in the Enterprise.


  State Farm



  Arizona Board of Regents